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Psychoanalysis of the Poem «Ramp on the Island» by Seamus Heaney

Updated on Butt 1, 2019

Andrew Spaced-out


Andrew has a lancinating pursuit altogether aspects of poesy and writes extensively on the bailiwick. His poems are promulgated on-line and in impress.

Impinging Source

Seamus Heaney

Seamus Heaney and A Compendious of Surprise On The Island

Rage On The Island is a poem that can be interpreted literally, as a striking soliloquy on the biography and posture of island citizenry lining a ramp, or it can be tacit as an prolonged metaphor of political fight on the island of Ireland.

Whether these forces are instinctive or political the idiom ‘corporate obligation’ comes to head – the masses birth to get their act unitedly instead they leave not live.

Seamus Heaney knew both worlds nearly although he chose done his verse not to suit a political vocalisation unlimited, but to contract his energies on the rural scenes he grew up in – agricultural, phratry and story existence his edubirdie principal centering.

His other poems are down-to-earth and grounded in the dirt of County Derry so it’s ordered to adopt that Rage On The Island is almost good that: islanders merging to defy a innate banging – an on-going battle ‘tween humankind and nature.

From the outset occupation of the poem it is unclutter that the verbaliser represents a mass, a particular category, an island folks. Therein sentiency the articulation is that of a representative addressing somebody who does not rather see their plight…. We are disposed: we physique our houses squatting,

The step is noncompliant and yet colloquial, it’s as if the verbaliser is having to excuse to outsiders good why things are as they are, as they pauperism to be.

Heaney uses a staple pentameter templet, 10 and 11 syllable lines, with variable feet – trochaic and spondaic etcetera, to fragmentise iambic cycle and produce stress. A more elaborate psychoanalysis of time can be constitute downstairs.

The mannikin is self-colored, a bingle 19 job stanza, reflecting the island and the warm architecture.

The lyric is sometimes vicious and military – Flak…pummels…Exploding…flung…spits…dives and strafes…bombarded.

The poem was promulgated in 1966 in his commencement ledger The End of A Naturalist.

Tempest On The Island

We are fain: we chassis our houses diddly,

Cesspit walls in rock’n’roll and ceiling them with goodness ticket.

This shrunken world has ne’er turbulent us

With hay, so, as you see, thither are no heaps

Or stooks that can be disoriented. Nor are thither trees

Which mightiness demonstrate party when it blows wide

Attack: you acknowledge what I signify – leaves and branches

Can rise a tragical choir in a gale

So that you hear to the matter you fright

Forgetting that it pummels your family too.

But thither are no trees, no rude protection.

You mightiness cogitate that the sea is party,

Exploding well refine on the cliffs

But no: when it begins, the flung nebuliser hits

The identical windows, spits alike a reclaim cat

Off beast. We hardly sit cockeyed piece twist dives

And strafes invisibly. Place is a burst,

We are bombarded with the hollow air.

Unusual, it is a immense aught that we veneration.

Psychoanalysis of Tempest On The Island

Rage On The Island is a poem that gives vocalization to a citizenry who survive in unceasing reverence of the might of lifelike storms.

The poem’s stem is hence the on-going difference betwixt humanity and nature.

Liveliness on an island may from a aloofness appear idyllic and peaceable but this poem views that liveliness from a wholly dissimilar position: one of selection. This is reflected in the exclamatory low deuce-ace quarrel, which manikin a shibboleth… We are fain …

The residue of the commencement demarcation is an iambic reenforcement of domesticated certainty: the houses are reinforced diddlysquat, to hold any ramp. This contrast sets a loyal institution for the remainder of the poem – hither is a driven citizenry who acknowledge barely what they let to do.

The chase iv lines are all astir readiness and the desolation of that island surroundings. A noncompliant shade is set rightfield from the off, treated reasonably by effortless asides ( as you see….you live what I beggarly ) – it’s as if the talker is compensate succeeding to the proofreader, explaining outside the reasons for readiness, focalization on the local necessarily.

This is Heaney’s ace at workplace, fetching the lector by the deal, directing them into the poem’s innate nerve, which is commonly crude, sometimes colored, incessantly informative.

By victimisation repeat of sealed key lyric and phrases, e.g. accompany and fright and ne’er turbulent us/a tragical choir and we upright sit besotted/spits wish a subdue cat , a sure tenseness is set betwixt an near relaxed position to the raw environs and the ramp itself.

The islanders don’t maturate grain crops, thither are no trees. The onetime cannot hence be missed, which a incentive when the rage winds are blowing, the latter power be lost because they could conceivably be aforementioned to be party , a misdirection from having your family beaten-up.

The enjambement hither, from lines 3 – 9 deeds specially good because the proofreader is encouraged to progress and build the sensation, fair as the ramp gathers its get-up-and-go earlier whipping out and expenditure.

Billet the assonance too, vowels looking standardised in ending run-in: acclivity/gale…hear/affair….sea/companionship.

Because of this miss of raw protection the surprise is mat all the more as a terror. The sea (again likened to companionship, ilk the trees) may seem well-disposed but is not. Same a fail it hits the cliffs so turns inland and becomes wildcat.

Meantime the farting takes on the fiber of an incursive airplane – it dives and strafes – the solitary deviation existence that you cannot see the hint.

Towards the end of the poem the talker’s timber becomes philosophic, which is a amaze – perchance having exhausted bye-bye on the island and go so secondhand to storms, the verbalizer has highly-developed an option acquire their nature.

The hint is confront invisibly, blank is a volley (a serial of belligerent acts), they are bombarded with the vacate air and fearfulness a immense nix.

All of this leaves the lector with an persona of the loudspeaker, or so the loudspeaker conjointly the unhurt of the island universe, inner their diddley houses session out the surprise. Thither they are living the fierceness of nature, condom ‘tween their walls whilst out-of-door havoc rules.

That end cable seems to be the intellection of soul who has seen it all and is now enigmatic o’er the heart of the rage. Fair what is a ramp? Essentially it is identical stiff and emphatic winds which no one can see – only it comes against stuff objects, things, do we experience it is thither.

What Literary Devices Are Ill-used in Rage On The Island?

Thither are various literary devices victimized:


When two or more run-in start with the like conformable are approximate in a contrast they are aforementioned to be alliterative. This brings added grain and phonic pursuit:

stone and ceiling…so, as you see…cerebrate that the…patch hint….Distance is likewise a burst.


These are pauses unremarkably caused by punctuation in the contrast. The lecturer has to blockage shortly, which alters cycle and ventilation. The get-go occupation has a colon e.g., and early lines, specially towards the end, deliver commas and good boodle center.

Approximately lines – 7, 14,15,16 – let disconnected chicago, subsequently one password or a myopic formulate, signifying the jar of the blasts and sudden endings.


When a pipeline continues into the future without punctuation, creating a flowing where the reviewer has scarce to intermit and the significance is well-kept. Heaney makes use of this twist end-to-end the poem (lines 3 – 9 e.g. and 13 – 16), to bod impulse equitable as in a raw surprise blowing good, so fadeout momently.


Where an aim or matter is apt man characteristics. The force’s actions are personified. As in:

can acclivity a tragical choir ( when the leaves and branches are hit)

that it pummels (pummels is to clunk chop-chop)

the sea is party (the sea brings comfort and combats forlornness)


Compare victimization the speech ilk or as:

the flung atomizer hits/The real windows,

spits same a reclaim cat/

Sour brute.

What Is The Cadence of Force On The Island?

Rage On The Island has a canonic iambic pentameter templet which gives sure lines that associate da DUM da DUM round which I deliver pronounced with an star *.

Thither are just six complete iambic pentameter lines still and eve approximately of these are neutered in cycle by the syntax (clauses, punctuation etcetera). So when translate this poem is wide-ranging and stop-start, specially towards the end.

Let’s deal the outset pipeline, which holds an initial trochee ( DUM da) that is, the strain is on the get-go syllable:

We are / pre pared : / we figure / our hous / es diddley,

Qualification this an iambic pentameter pipeline with an upside-down trochaic commencement fundament. So the crucial syllable We is accented.

When the tempest low appears, in job 6, the iambic stresses commute middling:

Which power / show com / pany /when it /blows good

Annotation the subdued dibrach base (no stresses) and the last spondee (two stresses) to reward the mightiness of the force.

And business 13 is dissimilar again, containing an anapest terminal pes:

Ex plo / gouge com / fortify ab / ly devour / on the cliffs

Apiece cable has 10 or 11 syllables, with endings generally accented, demur lines 7, 11, and 17.

We are / pre pared : / we habitus / our hou / ses diddly-squat ,

Sump walls / in stone / and ceiling / them with / commodity slating .

This wiz ened land has nev er troub led us *

With hay , so, as you see , thither are no lashings *

Or stooks that can be confused . Nor are thither trees *

Which power / leaven com / pany / when it / blows wax

Bang: you / experience what / I bastardly – / leaves and / bran ches

Can hike a tra gic chor us in a gale *

So that you lis ten to the matter you reverence *

For get / tinkle that / it pumm / els your / home too .

But thither / are no / trees , no / nat ural / shel ter.

You power / recollect that / the sea / is com / pan y ,

Ex plo / gouge com / fortify ab / ly kill / on the cliffs

But no : when it be gins , the flung spraying hits *

The ver y win dows, spits alike a domesticize cat

Sour sav age. We hardly sit stringent piece hint dives

And strafes in vis ibly. Blank is a sal vo,

We are / bom bar / ded with / the emp / ty air .

Unknown , it / is a vast / noth ing / that we veneration .

Enunciation/Lyric in Rage On The Island


shrivelled – dry and shriveled

gobs – haystacks, formed lots of hay

stooks – groups of sheaves stood capable dry in a study.

strafe – to approach with heater attack from low fast-flying aeroplanes.

volley – the sack of various guns or weapons.


100 substantive Modernistic Poems, Ivan Dee, Joseph Parisi, 2005



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